How to Know Marble is the Right Choice for You

Marble is a spectacular countertop surface for a wide range of locations both inside and outside of your home. Marble is a fantastic option for bathroom vanities, offices, and fireplace surrounds and like most natural stone, every slab is unique and so will be your home.

Here are some more of the benefits of marble in more detail to help you make your choice.

Affordable Luxury

Marble is truly the best of best worlds when it comes to balancing cost vs. elegance.  Like Granite, each marble countertop is unique because of it’s natural properties and we have over 50 different types of marble styles to choose from.

Combine this elegance with the fact that some marble countertop options* can be more affordable than granite and quartz and you’re on your way to transforming your kitchen or bathroom into a jaw-dropping space in your home.

*Marble comes in a very wide spectrum of prices.

It Stays the Coolest

Marble countertops are known for their ability to stay cool. This makes them an ideal surface if you love rolling out dessert ingredients like pastry dough.  Marble has an amazing ability to absorb heat and keep things cool while retaining its cool temperature.

They also have the ability to take heat with grace.  It’s still highly suggested to use protection when placing extremely hot objects directly on the surface for extended periods of time.

Important Things to Consider

First off, like granite, marble is porous which means that it can absorb oils or liquids if not sealed properly.  The good news is that getting your new marble countertop sealed will go a considerable way in eliminating staining.

Secondly, marble is a softer stone than other surfaces so it can be prone to scratching.  This is most likely to happen in areas with high usage like kitchens. This is why marble is universally loved for bathrooms.

Marble is still a great choice for kitchens and you can eliminate a lot of opportunities for damage by using cutting boards and being cautious with spills.  We can stand behind the work of our experienced marble fabricators by giving you the finest marble countertop design and installation available.

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