We Have a Wide Variety of Granite Countertop Options

*This is only a small sample of our granite countertop options. You can call or visit us today to speak to a fabrication specialist and cover your full range of options.

How to Know Granite is the Right Choice for You

Granite is the most well known of countertop materials and it hasn’t become a staple by accident. A granite countertop is perfect for you if you’re looking to give your kitchen or bathroom a unique identity and embrace a countertop surface that is 100% natural.

A Surface like No Other

Granite is 100% natural and no two granite slabs are the same.  There is almost limitless selection for granite countertops which means that we’ll have a slab that can perfectly compliment any space in your home.

There’s something so incredibly majestic about having a jaw-droppingly beautiful and natural element in your home. If you desire a kitchen/bathroom that is 100% unique then granite is the way to go.

Heat Won’t Be an Issue

Granite will also fit you perfectly if you cook big meals and dream of a kitchen where you can use every inch of your counter.  It has a very high resistance to heat so you can be at ease when placing hot pans/skillets on your countertop.

Granite is also incredibly durable and resistant to scratches. This allows you to use your countertops knowing you have a great margin of forgiveness from dings and scratches.

Important Things to Consider

Granite is porous which means that it can absorb oils or liquids if not sealed properly on install and on a yearly basis.  Granite surface maintenance is straightforward and our granite fabricators will educate you on how to properly maintain your new countertop.

We can stand behind the work of our experienced granite fabricators by giving you the finest granite countertop design and installation available.

Granite Countertop Edge Profiles

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